SH&E Management System
All the policies, as well as the strategic tasks and targets, were decided upon and implemented according to such standardized SH&E management systems as ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 and KOSHA 18001. We have our SH&E management system certified by a third party and make continuous improvements through audits and review.
SH&E Management

LG Chem publically announced its will for management based on safety, health and environment and established the SH&E management principles to suggest its overall directions. Based on these principles, LG Chem established a set of standards for job implementation and rules/practices for work handling procedure to smoothly perform the works of business sites.

  • Policy
    Publicly announce the company's safety and environmental management commitment, and provide a consistent safety environmental policy direction to provide optimized safety management environment.
  • Standards
    Control the entire company by stipulating the basic rules and standards for job execution related to the overall safety environment of the company.
  • Requirements
    Specify the detailed methods and means for work handling procedures and standards set out in the regulations and other consistent procedures and methods necessary to carry out tasks.
  • Procedures
    Specify the relatively non-persistent and flexible procedures and standards based on individual business sites (headquarters, division, factory, research center, etc.) and their work standards.
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Safety and Health Environment Policy
Safety and Health Environment Management System
Environmental Impact Assessment
Risk Assessment
Safety Environment Law Management
Safety Environment Goal Management
Safety Environment Risk Management of New Businesses and New Investments
Safety Environment Education
Safety Environment Communication
Safety Environment Document Management
Hazardous Substance Management
Safety Environment Management of Partners
Preparation and Response for Emergency
Health Management
Process Safety Data Management
Safety Work Authorization
Safety Environment Inspection Before Operation
Change Management
Fire Prevention Management
Safe Operation Management
Transportation Safety Environment Management
Product Environment Management
Environmental Operation Management
Performance Assessment
Safety Environment Monitoring and Performance Management
Accident Reporting and Investigation
Internal Safety Environment Audit
Safety Environment Management Review
Corrective Actions for Non-conformities in the Safety Environment