BR Butadiene Rubber
Butadiene Rubber
Butadiene Rubber
Synthetic rubber with excellent abrasion resistance and cold resistance

BR(Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic rubber made by applying solution polymerization method on butadiene. It has a higher proportion of cis isomers. BR is used largely for tires, shoes and golf balls because of its excellent wear resistance, bend resistance, rebound resilience and cold resistance.

Product inquiry
Wear resistance
Bend resistance
Rebound resilience
Cold resistance
Tire Tire
Golf ball(core) Golf ball(core)
Shoe insole Shoe insole
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Supply Chain
Raw material supply
LG Chem supplies BR
Processing company
Tire, golf ball, footwear manufacturer
Final product
Tire, golf ball, shoes, etc.
Product Classification
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Grade Features Applications Download
Elasticity, wear resistance, cold resistance
Tire, Shoes, Golf ball, Belt
Processability, Wear resistance, Cold resistance
Tire, Belt