IPA Isopropyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
Sole manufacturer of acetone-based IPA and propylene-based IPA in Korea

IPA is a material which has excellent solvent properties and is used as a solvent for industrial coatings, chemical reagent materials, electronic materials cleaning, printing ink, etc. LG Chem is the only company in Korea that produces both acetone-based IPA and propylene-based IPA. It also produces HP IPA (High Purity IPA).

Product inquiry
Excellent solvent properties
For sterilization, harmless to human body
Highly evaporative
Paint Paint
Semiconductor and LCD cleaning agent for industrial use Semiconductor and LCD cleaning agent for industrial use
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals
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Supply Chain
Raw material supply
Supplies IPA
Processing company
Solvent manufacturer
Final product
Paint, cleaning agent, etc.
Product Classification
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Grade Features Applications Download
Excellent solvent properties, Harmless to human body
Solvent, Intermediate, Medicine, Acetone
Excellent solvent properties, Highly evaporative
Cleaning agent for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing