EPS Expandable Polystyrene
Expandable Polystyrene
Expandable Polystyrene
Expanded polystyrene with excellent insulation and soundproofing

A material widely known as styrofoam made by foaming the polystyrene(PS), a thermoplastic resin. As it is a foamed polystyrene, it is comprised of a large amount of air layers. Due to this characteristic, it has thermal insulation, impact absorption, water repellency, and sound insulation properties. It is thus widely used in multiple areas including protective packaging for home appliances, building insulators, food containers, and more.

Product inquiry
Heat insulation
Impact absorption
Water repellency
Sound insulation
Styrofoam box Styrofoam box
Building insulators Building insulators
Protective packaging Protective packaging
Food container Food container
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LUBIPOR(High-Insulation EPS)
LUBIPOR is an EPS product with enhanced insulation property. It is mostly used as an insulator in construction as it increases energy efficiency by minimizing energy transfer.
LG Chem in Everyday Life
Supply Chain
Raw material supply
LG Chem supplies EPS
Processing company
Plate and shape manufacturers
Final product
Building insulator, Packaging for electronic goods
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Insulator for construction
For general use
Packaging for electronic goods