LG Chem Opens Online Gallery of ‘Bamseom Guardian Activities’
LG Chem Opens Online Gallery of ‘Bamseom Guardian Activities’

■ Introduction of various contents according to the themes of Bamseom, environment, biodiversity, etc. with the purpose protecting the Hangang ecosystem

■ Containing interesting contents such as webtoons and documentary videos, etc. 

LG Chem is stepping up to share the importance of preserving biodiversity through the value and history of Bamseom (Island) of Yeouido.

In relation to this, LG Chem announced that it opened the ‘Bamseom Guardian Activity’ online gallery (http://www.green-bamseom.com) containing contents on protecting not only Bamseom, but the ecosystem of Hangang (Riv.) on the 18th.

The Bamseom Guardian Activity online gallery is made up of four exhibits such as ▲Bamseom Imagination Sketch, ▲Hangang Photo Exhibit of Coexistence between the Environment and Humans, ▲Bamseom Webtoon, and ▲LG Chem and Bamseom. It contains an assortment of contents fitting the themes such as Bamseom, environment and biodiversity.

The ‘Bamseom Imagination Sketch’ introduces 16 awarded pieces from the children’s drawing contest on theme of protecting the ecosystem of Bamseom by LG Chem together with the Community Chest of Korea and the Korea Green Foundation.

The ‘Hangang Photo Exhibit of Coexistence between the Environment and Humans’ shows 27 awarded photographs from the photo exhibit based on the theme of biodiversity of Hangang and the Hangang ecosystem environment and humans for the general public.

The ‘Bamseom Webtoon’ shows the story of Bamseom, which was designated as a ‘Ramsar Wetland’ in 2012 and is thus being protected and managed due to its high ecological value with 138 plant species and 49 bird species, while also being a habitat for migratory birds in the heart off the city.

* Ramsar Wetlands: Protected regions designated by the Ramsar Convention with the objective to preserve the ecosystem for specific lifeforms such as migratory birds

In particular, a total of six webtoon episodes on the importance of the ecosystem and environment of Bamseom drawn by animal artists Lee Gon will offer entertainment for viewers.

‘LG Chem and Bamseom’ offers documentary videos dealing with the history of Bamseom and the environmental purification activities of ‘Green Maker’, a Bamseom guardian volunteer group made up of LG Chem employees, with two videos, one being six-minutes long and the other being one minute.

Meanwhile, LG Chem opened the ‘Bamseom Ecosystem Experience Hall’ at the Mapo Bridge Haeneomi Observatory in Seoul in December of last year offering experience programs so that children and youths can have fun learning about the importance of preserving the biodiversity of Bamseom including animals and plants of Bamseom, virtual reality (VR) experience, and watching environmental movies and animations.