[Mobile Tape] Holding the inside and outside of mobile devices

In our hand, we carry a small world via mobile devices that consist of many parts with various functions.
A mobile tape ties these parts up within the devices.
Adhesion is not everything when it comes to a tape.
A mobile tape has many different functions in addition to protecting the parts against strong impact.

Fixation tape which has strong resistance against impact and waterproof performance holds the window and back cover from the outside.
Thin film tape which is strongly adhesive keeps parts and modules in place.
Shading tape fastened on the window prevents 99.9% of light leaks from the BLU (Back Light Unit) delivers light to the LCD panel.
Functional tape that has different adhesion on specific temperature makes it easy to attach and detach when replacing parts.
Touch tape that protects the FTS (Force Touch Sensor) which activates according to the force applied on the touch screen recognizes touch location and pressure differences.
The assortion of different functional tapes keeps the the mobile devices both inside and outside.
LG Chem produces various mobile and display tapes and offers solution that fits the mobile environment.

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